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Olympus CV-160

Olympus CV-160 prides in its powerful structure enhancement circuitry, which uses frequencies specifically suited to endoscopic images to ensure more accurate observation. It offers full height mode that uses the full vertical area of the monitor screen to display images larger, allowing for closer examination of the image area.


  • The ergonomic front panel is user-friendly and the newly designed keyboard provides for simple and intuitive operation.

  • Can be used with EVIS Exera video bronchoscopes as well, enabling you to use the same system for both gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy.

  • Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 Series scopes

  • Scope ID function offers more efficient management and control, including automatic control of white balance and maintenance reminder


  • Olympus CV-160 Processor

  • Pigtail, CLV-160 Xenon Light Source

  • 160 Series Video-Colonoscope

  • 160 Series Video-Gastroscope

  • High Resolution Monitor

  • Endoscopy Cart


Olympus CV-180

You need this complete endoscopy system. Equipped with a high-resolution HDTV imaging capability, it can help you get the best possible image quality for endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. The CV-180 endoscopy tower is compatible with EVIS 100, 130, 140 Series and EVIS EXERA 160 Series scopes as well as bronchoscopes and surgical endoscopes.


  • With Automatic Gain Control, you can increase the brightness of an endoscopic image electrically.

  • Equipped with specialty-coated filters for Narrow Band Imaging, its blue light can also help with tumor detection.

  • Powerful 300-watt Xenon lamp can be turned on and off without shutting the equipment down. 

  • This model can use old scope models (e.g CLV-140, 160).


  • Olympus CV-180 Processor with Pigtail

  • Olympus CLV-180 Xenon Light Source

  • 180 Series Video Colonoscope (Optional)

  • 180 Series Video Gastroscope (Optional)

  • Keyboard

  • High-Resolution Monitor

  • Endoscopy Cart

  • Different configurations

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