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Warranty Policy:

Factory new equipment is warrantied by and through the manufacturer. All warranty issues or disputes need to be processed through the original manufacturer. MedSurge is available to assist with any manufacturer warranty claims.


Certified/Refurbished equipment is warrantied through MedSurge. The warranty period and terms can be found on the sales order or Invoice.


After termination of MedSurge warranty, MedSurge continues a limited warranty protection plan, whereby if MedSurge performs the repair, this repair shall be charged to the customer at a discounted rate.


Shipping charges for international customers shall not be covered under warranty.


The normal warranty through Med Surge is 3 months of 90 days.


All equipment must be cleaned and sterilized according to manufacturer guidelines.


Med Surge is NOT responsible and the warranty will be void if the equipment is misused or unprofessionally handled. All equipment must be handled by professional health care personnel.

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